rispost Those Eyes

June 5th, 2007

A poem I wrote a while ago, just went back and read it again, got teary eyed.

Those Eyes by Salomae

Those eyes…..that dream of love, so sweet, so tender, so kind

Those eyes…..the light of love…seeping through…your gentle mind

Those eyes…..Brilliantly flickering, the glowing embers of your soul

Those eyes….that smile when they see me, always greet me with delight

making my days brighter, my loads lighter, taste of life…sweeter

Those eyes…..that gaze upon me…with passion, with beauty from the depth of your spirit.

Those eyes…..that see through me, beyond the face, the body, into the depth of my spirit.

Those eyes….that weep for the sorrows of the earth,

her children, her creatures …captured

Those eyes…..where I can find a soothing refuge, a cozy place, safe…from the coldness of human world

Those eyes…..overflowing with warmth…so calm…so wise

Those eyes…..those I desperately seek…but never ever could find

Except…for when I close my eyes.

And I know…that Those eyes…will be there to greet me…

When I die.

rispost fearless love in action

May 8th, 2007

This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen in my life!!!


rispost Now, what are the elite up to!

October 29th, 2006

Looks like they scanning for our kind.


Here are some of the effects of ritalin, u probably already know.

For every one of the following Ritalin effects, there is at least one confirming source in the medical literature:

  • Paranoid delusions
  • Paranoid psychosis
  • Hypomanic and manic symptoms, amphetamine-like psychosis
  • Activation of psychotic symptoms
  • Toxic psychosis
  • Visual hallucinations
  • Auditory hallucinations
  • Can surpass LSD in producing bizarre experiences
  • Effects pathological thought processes
  • Extreme withdrawal
  • Terrified affect
  • Started screaming
  • Aggressiveness
  • Insomnia
  • Since Ritalin is considered an amphetamine-type drug, expect amphetamine-like effects
  • Psychic dependence
  • High-abuse potential DEA Schedule II Drug
  • Decreased REM sleep
  • When used with antidepressants one may see dangerous reactions including hypertension, seizures and hypothermia
  • Convulsions
  • Brain damage may be seen with amphetamine abuse.

rispost Future of mother earth

August 5th, 2006

Welcome to Salomae’s Sooth. I hope you like my site.

I found this the other day and thought it was interesting.

Factory farms in the United States are producing 350 million tons of manure each year, polluting miles of rivers and lakes and contaminating groundwater. Every year, tens of thousands of wild animals are killed in government- sponsored “predator-control” programs because the meat industry claims these animals interfere with grazing, farmed animals. Valuable water and land resources are squandered for meat production, while the planet’s 800 million malnourished people could be fed if these resources were used to produce plant foods.

Read the whole article here.